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Lincoln Way Corridor Study

Lincoln Way cuts through Ames from east to west. How can it be improved? What do you like? What needs to be changed?

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  • Street Paving Planned on Beedle Drive

    Street improvements are continuing on Beedle Drive, with a street closure from Lincoln Way to 116 Beedle Road, beginning on Monday, Oct. 24. The closure is anticipated to last for 10 to 12 days, depending on weather. Access to Hy-Vee Gas will only be available from Dotson Drive during this closur

  • Ames Parks Being Prepared for Winter Weather

    As the temperatures drop, Ames park facilities must be winterized to withstand harsh weather conditions over the next few months. Parks and Recreation staff will begin on Monday, October 24, by shutting off water to drinking fountains and public restrooms throughout the park system.

  • Ada Hayden Prairie Restoration Project Begins with Spraying and Seeding

    Restoration of Ada Hayden Heritage Park prairie will begin in the next weeks by spraying a non-selective herbicide in the designated 50-acre prairie area to kill existing vegetation. The restoration process will continue in the spring of 2017 by spraying to kill any remaining or emerging vegetation. This is the first step in restoring a healthy prairie to native plantings. Seeding will then take place later in the spring of 2017.